Steak and Pizza

This is what my buddy made for dinner last night. I had to stay just to watch him eat it. I had some, and it wasn't the worst combo I have tried, pretty good actually. But I can't imagine anyone but the most single of men trying to get away with this for dinner.

*notice how he garnished the frozen pizza with some fresh tomatoes and basil. nice touch.


No Fucking Shit

Hey, we found out why they all died in the house fire.

Ribs in Gravy

Spare ribs slow cooked in gravy. Why wouldn't it be delicious. Kudos to AW for coming up with this.

Look at this shit

And whilst I shit all over Paul Sorvino, check out what I was bringing back to the bottle return:


Some people know how to use a scaffold, some don't...

I saw these gentlemen working on the exterior of our friendly neighborhood Taco Bell. It would appear that this man knows how to use a scaffold:

And these guys do not:

Looks pretty safe to me. Maybe he is angling to get free tacos for life after he falls and breaks his neck (wow, that sounded like my grandma in my head). Also, the soffit they were working on was a uniform height. There was no reason I could come up with for that scaffold to have ever been set at that low in height.


Watch This then Go There

I am not sure why you are here, but if you are, then you should watch this:

And then go here:


I have been going to John King Books for years, but I have never noticed this section listing. For some reason it makes perfect sense to me. If you don't get it, I'm not going to explain it.

Also, I picked up these two books, which I can't wait to read:

Pop a wheelie.